Free Blue LED Bulbs for SWPPD Customers to Support Local LEO's


The Board and the employees of Southwest Public Power District would like to express their support and appreciation for all law enforcement, but especially those in the communities we serve in Southwest Nebraska. 
It takes someone of high character to take on the day to day responsibilities that police frequently encounter. These men and women run into the chaos and turmoil when most of us are running away from it. They are our neighbors, community volunteers, little league coaches and church parishioners. They are the first to arrive at a scene when we need help the most. 
Unfortunately, they are also at times, some of the most under-appreciated and highly scrutinized workforce in the nation. There are very few other occupations performed in the public eye that require a split second decision and cause a potential for lifetime consequences. 
SWPPD would like to encourage our customers to also show their support and appreciation for our law enforcement officers by installing a blue light on their porches or an outdoor lighting fixture. These blue LED light bulbs are free to all SWPPD customers – limit one per household. Stop by our office in Palisade and ask for the bulb to “Support our local LEO’s”.
A special Thank you to: Sheriff Alan Kotschwar from Red Willow County; Sheriff Kevin Mueller from Chase County; Sheriff Justin Nichols from Dundy County; Sheriff D. Bryan Leggott from Hitchcock County; Sheriff Tom Dow from Hayes County and Nebraska State Patrolman Sergeant Joel Smith for their service and help in promoting this event. These men and their deputies are called upon 24/7/365 to perform all duties from stray dogs to homicides and other violent crimes. 
Sheriff Mueller stated, “It’s nice to have the support and be appreciated for the work we do. As a law enforcement officer, we don’t always get that.”
From Sheriff Kotschwar: The Red Willow County Sheriff’s Office is very thankful and honored to be a part of the Southwest Public Power District Blue Light / support our local law enforcement event. With their first shipment of Blue Lights being delivered, we are excited to help out in any way we can. Since the recent homicides of Dallas officers and Baton Rouge officers we have seen a tremendous out-pouring of support for our officers and office personnel. Thank-you to all of our area citizens for your support.
SWPPD General Manager, Curtis Kayton said, “The early response to this has been outstanding. In the short time we have been putting this promotion together we have already heard from local customers who want to help. We even received a donation from a gentleman in California who is not a SWPPD customer. I am proud to voice my professional and personal appreciation for our local law enforcement officers.”

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