Notice of Sealed Bid - Public Auction


                                       SOUTHWEST PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT 
                                                        PALISADE, NEBRASKA 
                                                        NOTICE OF SEALED BID 
                                                                PUBLIC AUCTION

SOUTHWEST PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT will offer the following item of equipment for sale at a SEALED BID AUCTION:

2005 Freightliner Business Class Model M2 106, tandem rear axle
MOTOR: CAT 275 HP; Transmission: Allison 3500 Automatic
MILES: 148,307
PTO HOURS: 2,695
VIN: (Last 6) U92025
BOOM: Altec D947 TR Digger Derrick, includes remote control to operate all boom functions and insulated one-man bucket; dielectric and structure test on boom passed July 18, 2017,
Serial # 1004BA4054

Sealed bids are invited and will be received by the District at its headquarters by mail or in person at 221 North Main St, Palisade, Nebraska 69040 until the CLOSING DATE: 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 20, 2018, at which time they will be opened by the General Manager. To receive consideration bids must be in the hands of the General Manager or his authorized representative no later than the day and hour mentioned above.

The bidder must state the price for which he or she proposes to pay for the item of equipment. In case of discrepancy where both words and numerals are provided, the words shall govern. The bidder shall sign his or her proposal, listing his or her name, post office address and telephone number. If the proposal is made by a corporation or other entity, the proposal must be signed by an official of the corporation authorized to sign contracts, and must show the post office address and telephone number of the corporation. Failure to do so may disqualify the bid.

The bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing on the outside the name of the bidder, post office address, and the name of the above item of equipment for which the bid is submitted. If forwarded by mail, the sealed envelope containing the bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to: General Manager, Southwest Public Power District, 221 North Main St, Palisade, Nebraska 69040.

The General Manager reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids; to waive any informality; or to accept any bid deemed in the best interests of the District.

The above referenced item of equipment will be sold AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OR CONDITION.

The above referenced item of equipment is available for inspection from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the District’s headquarters in Palisade, Nebraska.


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