3 ways to stay warmer this winter

            You had your heating system serviced and added extra blankets to all of the beds in your home. But you’re still chilly indoors during this coldest month of the year.

            Try this:

  1. Check your windows. Even energy-efficient, double-pane windows won’t keep the cold out if they’re not completely closed. Latch them, too; if it’s not easy to do that, chances are, the window isn’t closed all the way.
  2. Close your fireplace flue and install an electric insert. The fire in your fireplace doesn’t help heat your home. In fact, because you have to open the flue to let the smoke out, you’re inviting a lot of cold, outdoor air into your living room.
  3. Adjust your ceiling fan. The blades are supposed to push heat down into the room in the winter. On most fan models, that means they should spin clockwise. In the summer, they spin counter-clockwise and pull warm air up to the ceiling. You have to manually switch the direction of the blades each season.