Be a light bulb for Halloween

Believe it or not, not everyone has gotten the message that LED light fixtures and compact fluorescent light bulbs are way more energy efficient than those old, incandescent bulbs that we used to use around the house.

Make sure your neighbors know this Halloween by dressing up as an energy-efficient light bulb when you take your kids out to trick-or-treat.

You can make your own costume by dressing in a solid color as the background, such as all white to blend in with the bulb, or all black to make it stand out. Next, create the base of the bulb out of two large pieces of cardboard—one for the front of you, and one for the back. Use silver spray paint and black markers to create the illusion of spirals. Attach both pieces to a belt and tie around your waist.

Now it’s time for the white spirals of the bulb. There are several things you can use, depending on what you have around. Try using sturdy wire or strong pipe cleaners and bend them in twists around your torso, starting from the base of the bulb. Glue white pillow stuffing around the wires to make them thick and white. Or try using a foam noodle pool toy, spray-painted white and fastened to your costume at the shoulder.

Whatever the heights of the twists, leave space between each so that you can see clearly and your arms can move freely.

And if you’re decorating your home with orange and black lights this season, choose ultra-efficient LED lights.