Buy Dad a TV for Father’s Day

            If you’re planning to drop a bundle of cash on a souped-up TV for Dad this Father’s Day, shop wisely.

            Here are four things to consider when buying a TV that will be the best fit for your deserving dad:

1. Screen size. Plenty of shoppers make the mistake of buying the biggest screen they can afford, but that’s not the best way to choose a TV. If you like to sit close to the TV while watching, for example, a smallish screen might be better than a large one. If you have a large screen, you’ll get optimal viewing if you sit pretty far away. The pros recommend buying a set that’s between 40 and 65 inches, depending on the size of the room.

2. 4K or 1080p. An ultra-high definition TV—also called a 4K—has a much higher resolution than a regular high-def set—also known as a 1080. So if you want an extra-large TV, and Dad likes to sit close while watching, a 4K might be the better choice.

3. Smart TV. A TV that’s connected to the Internet can access online streaming video services like Netflix, and some have web browsers. The higher-end models have apps, recognize voice commands and can project what you’re viewing on your smart phone from the screen.

4. HDR. Product reviewers say a set with HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility has superior color and contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. While little HDR content is available now, it could be the next big thing.