Buy the right space heater for your room size

If you’re in the market for a space heater to warm up an unheated room in your home, follow a few guidelines:

  • Choose a model that’s powerful enough to heat the room. A rule of thumb: You need 10 watts of heat for every square foot of surface areas. Measure your floor to determine the surface areas. An example: A 1,500-watt heater will warm 150 square feet—or a room that measures 10 by 15 square feet with an eight-foot ceiling.
  • Space heaters with wheels are easy to move around a room or into different rooms on different days.
  • Some heaters are ultra-quiet, and others have blowers that are loud. Turn on the model and listen to it before you buy it, especially if you plan to run it in a bedroom.
  • Invest in a unit that comes with infrared technology to make sure the heater doesn’t dry out the air in the room.
  • Tip-over protection is a must. That feature will automatically turn the heater off if it gets knocked over.
  • Determine how hot the outside of the unit gets when you run it. If children or pets use the room, look for a model that stays cool to the touch. Not all heaters do.
  • If energy efficiency is a priority, look for a heater with an eco setting.
  • Other bells and whistles on some heaters: remote control; timer and quick heat-up time.