DIYers: Don’t mess with electricity

            Even the handiest of handymen shouldn’t mess with electricity.

            Instead of tinkering with plugs and wires, it’s a good idea to hire a qualified, licensed electrician to do electrical work around your house.

            Not convinced? The Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends:

  • Learn as much about your home electrical system as possible so you will know how to maintain it safely.
  • Know your limitations. Do not start an electrical project that is beyond your skill level. Getting help from a pro could save your life and prevent a fire.
  • Turn off the power to the circuit that you will work on.
  • Unplug any appliance before you work on it.
  • Test wires to make sure the power has been turned off before you touch them.
  • Stay away from plumbing and gas pipes when you’re working on electricity.