Don’t use a wet appliance

            April showers may bring May flowers, but they also can flood your basement.

When that happens, your washing machine and clothes dryer could wind up waterlogged. And that’s not safe.

If a spring storm has flooded your home, check for damage to your electrical system and  appliances.

            Before beginning to clean up a flooded house, turn off all electricity and unplug all appliances. Waterlogged appliances, especially those with motors close to the ground, could be damaged and should not be used until properly cleaned, dried and inspected.

            Open all appliances and wipe them clean. Allow water to drain out and let them dry completely, which could take up to a week. Never plug a wet appliance back in before it’s been checked by a service technician for electrical damage.

            As for your electrical system, wipe clean all outlets that the water may have touched and call a service technician to inspect the system before restoring your electricity.

            To prevent your home from flooding while you’re away, turn off the water before you leave. Also, consider adding downspouts to your gutters to divert water away from your house so it won’t pour into the ground near the house.