Even handiest DIYers should call pro for electrical repairs

            Home improvement TV shows make household repairs look easy. But when it comes to electrical repairs, DIYers should move over and make room for a pro.

            Working with electricity is risky business. Anyone who tinkers with wiring or circuits could suffer electrocution or shock, or could start a fire. High-voltage items are especially dangerous to work on, even for professionals.

            So even if it seems that the talented DIYer in your home has the skills to fix just about anything, he or she should not take any chances when it comes to electrical repairs.

            Licensed electricians are trained not only in the skills they need to work with electrical circuits and components, but in how to stay safe during the job; how to adhere to electrical codes; and how to prevent fires. They also know which permits are required to do the work legally.

            Homeowners also should consider the following before attempting to do their own electrical repairs:

  • Some homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover fires that start as a result of a DYI electrical repair gone wrong.
  • Electrical work requiring city or county permits can result in fines for a DIYer who does not obtain those permits.
  • Selling a home whose electrical work has been done by a DIYer can be a challenge. Potential buyers usually hire home inspectors, who could flag faulty repairs and force the homeowner to pay for a professional do-over.
  • Even when you hire a professional electrician to work in your home, insist on a license, proper permit and an inspection.