How big is too big for heating and cooling?

                In the dead of winter, it seems like your heating system couldn’t be too big. But many homes have units that are bigger than they need—which means they’re wasting energy and paying for it.

                Most older homes have older heating and air conditioning systems that are way too big. That’s because old homes were not built according to today’s energy-efficiency standards. Heated air leaked right through the walls, windows and attic, and builders compensated for that by installing huge heating units.

Improvements to your home over the years—like new windows and added insulation—have rendered those giant units unnecessary. So if you live in an older home and haven’t replaced your heating or air conditioning systems, there’s a good chance that they’re up to four times too big for your house.

                Newer homes are built so “tight” that leaks are not as big of a problem.

                When the HVAC system is too big, it tends to cycle on too often, which can leave too much humidity in the air and make your house too hot, too cold or too humid.

                  When you’re ready to replace your oversized, out-of-date systems, choose energy-efficient models. And insist that your service technician correctly “size” the system for your lifestyle and the efficiency of the house—not on its age or size.