It’s time for an HVAC check-up

Every fall before it gets too chilly outside, call a qualified heating and air conditioning technician to give your central heating system a once-over.

            In fact, it’s important to have your heating system professionally maintained every fall.

            Regularly maintaining your heating will help prevent a breakdown on a cold night during the dead of winter.

Between annual check-ups, you can head off trouble by paying attention to your heating system. Here’s how:

            Replace your system’s air filters once every three months. Dirty filters can get clogged and prevent air from flowing through them. That will make your system work harder, which is energy inefficient.

When you turn the heat on for the first time this fall, listen for banging, rattling or other unusual sounds. They could be a symptom of a malfunction-in-the-making. Call your tech back to check it.

            If your windows are steaming up or you see rust or a lot of dirt on your heating vents, something is wrong. A professional can diagnose the problem.

And if some rooms in your home feel cold, while others are comfortable, that’s a sign that something’s not quite right. Call for help.