Keep kids safe all summer

                You might not be able to keep your eyes on your children every minute this summer while they’re roaming around the neighborhood having fun. So teach them how to keep themselves safe, especially around electricity.

  • The most important lesson about outdoor electrical safety is: Never touch a power line. A downed line might seem like its “dead,” but chances are good that it’s still energized. Touching it with a hand, a toy or a stick could electrocute someone.
  • If a kite, balloon or another toy gets caught in an overhead power line, do not try to dislodge it by throwing shoes or other items at it. Call your electric cooperative if you must retrieve the toy.
  • Stay far away from overhead power lines while flying kites or using large toys so they don’t come into contact with energized lines.
  • Do not climb utility poles or trees that are close to power lines.
  • Don’t post signs, balloons, ribbons or anything else on utility poles or electrical equipment.
  • Stay out of electrical substations—even to rescue a pet. Those substations house high-voltage equipment that can electrocute someone.
  • Don’t touch electrical toys that are standing in a puddle or floating in a pool.