Let your children teach you about energy efficiency



            You do your best to teach your kids about energy efficiency and the impact their electricity use can have on the environment.

             As it turns out, they’re trying their best to teach you the same thing.

             Believe it or not, kids listen when their parents tell them about the environment. By the time they’re teenagers, most kids actually are concerned about it. Today’s high school and college students—known as Generation Z—actually rank it among the top five things that are important to them.

             They’re also learning about it in school and reading about it online.

             So chances are, when they see you wasting energy, they’re telling you.


             Your attention to energy conservation can make a lasting impact on your children. They do what you do.

             So turn the lights off when you leave a room. Power down your computer at the end of the day. Set the thermostat back before you go to bed. Make the kids aware that you’re buying Energy Star-rated appliances when you shop for new ones.

             Know that you’re helping the next generation of consumers and homeowners form energy-wise habits that are healthy for the environment.