Light fixtures: ‘jewelry of the home’

            Light fixtures and lamps have evolved into more than a practical part of every room into what some designers call “the jewelry of the home.”

            Tabletop lamps, wall-hung sconces and ceiling-mounted or recessed lighting are becoming as much a part of a home’s decor as its furniture.

            Here are four trends that might spark some ideas as you replace light fixtures in your home:

  1. Vintage. They’re not old, but they look old. Some lamps and fixtures are charming, like the ones you remember from your grandmother’s home, while others are inspired by the design of a more industrial error, featuring stark metals and a masculine look.
  2. Bedazzled. Sparkly and elegant, chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room anymore. Homeowners are putting them in kitchens, foyers and bathrooms, too, to add a touch of elegance.

3.  Pendants. Hung over a kitchen counter or a dining table, pendant lighting—one or two lights hung on long wires from the ceiling—are taking the place of chandeliers in some homes.

4. Metallics. As stainless steel kitchen appliances continue to prove their staying power, silver, gold, brass and copper are trending in lighting. Fixtures with all-metal covers or glass globes adorned with metal accents are among the most popular.

5. Energy efficient. LED fixtures, once hard to find and perfunctory, now come in high-style models. Consider changing your old fixtures—the ones that require you to change the light bulb every so often—for one with built-in LEDs. You’ll save energy and time.