Look for Black Friday deals on electronics

Make a game plan before you join the line outside of your favorite store on Black Friday and you’re likely to get better deals and spend less time fighting the holiday crowds. Here’s some intel to help you create your strategy for buying this season’s most popular electronics:

  • Expect Apple to offer Black Friday discounts on most of its devices, as it has in the past. This year, the iPhone 8 will go on sale. If last year’s offer is any indication, you could save up to $100 on a new phone.
  • Samsung also will cut phone prices for the occasion, including on its Galaxy S8. Last year, the manufacturer gave the S7 away for free with a contract, and threw in a gift card and a Samsung Gear VR headset.
  • Prices on gaming consoles undoubtedly will drop on Black Friday; they usually do. The best deals most likely will be available to shoppers who buy a bundle that includes the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.
  • Expect rock-bottom prices on high-tech TVs. Expensive and sophisticated smart TVs could sell for half price at big-box electronics and discount stores.