Make your home office energy efficient

Your home office is a convenient place to work. Is it energy efficient, too?

Computers, copiers, monitors, chargers and other office equipment can consume a lot of energy. Tune up your workspace with these tips:

  • Switch your computers off when you’re done for the day, so it doesn’t burn unused electricity overnight. In fact, any time you will be away from work for more than two hours, shut it down.
  • Enable the energy-saving features on your computer. These are the features that automatically put your computer into standby mode when not in use.
  • Shut off printers, copiers and other large equipment when not in use. Plug them into one power strip to shut them off with one flick of the switch. If you often forget to turn them off, use a power strip with a timer to power down each night. Then, unplug the power strip so your equipment doesn’t use “phantom” power.
  • Buy office equipment with the Energy Star label. Computers, printers, copiers and other electronics with the Energy Star label use less standby energy.
  • Though you may be home all day, it’s a waste to heat the whole house when you are spending time in only one room. Instead, lower the thermostat and use a portable space heater just for your office.