Keep the heat out

          It’s easier than you might think to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer’s hottest days—without cranking up the a/c. Here are four simple ways: Read More


Nighttime energy use can save energy

            Instead of running your dishwasher right after dinner, consider waiting until bedtime to turn it on. Same with the clothes dryer. And how about charging your phone and other rechargeables while you sleep? Read More


Don’t touch that dial

It’s so tempting to turn the thermostat down to freezing cold when you walk into a warm house on a hot day. Don’t do it Read More


Bake, broil efficiently to save energy

Buying appliances with the federal government’s Energy Star label is a smart way to find devices that are energy-efficient and could help you cut your electric bill. But Energy Star doesn’t rate ovens, microwaves or ranges. Read More