Regular home maintenance prevents mishaps

                  It’s easy to get excited about a home maintenance project in the spring or summer when the weather is warm and it’s fun to be outdoors. In the winter, though, many homeowners let maintenance slip—even indoors.

  •             To keep your home in good shape this winter, use this maintenance checklist.

    • After each snowfall, inspect gutters, downspouts and the roof for damage. Unchecked holes and tears can lead to leaks that can be more expensive to repair come spring.
    • As the snow melts, check the basement for leaks and flooding. Clean it up right away. Unplug and dry out any appliances that got wet.
    • Keep the refrigerator clean on the inside and out. It’s no fun working with a cold appliance when it’s cold outside, but regular maintenance will help the fridge operate more efficiently.
    • Inspect holiday lights for damage. Put away extension cords as soon as the holidays are over; they’re not meant for long-term use.
    • After the cook-a-thon that is the holidays, clean the stove’s exhaust hood and air filter. Overuse can cause a buildup of gunk that can prevent the appliances from operating efficiently and also create a fire hazard.