Save energy while binge-watching TV

            It seems like everyone is binge-watching movies and TV shows while they’re spending more time at home. Constant use of the TV can push up the family energy bill.

            Here are five ways to conserve energy while watching TV:

1. Consolidate. If three or four family members are watching different TVs in different rooms, you’re using three times more energy than if the whole gang agreed on a show and watched it together in the same room.

2. Record. Watching a recorded show via VCR, DVR or TiVo can save energy in two ways. First, it allows your family to view their favorites any time, so you can choose to watch during off-peak hours—early in the day or late at night when fewer people are using electric appliances all at once. Second, it lets you fast-forward through the commercials, which means you’ll spend less time watching TV—and therefore less time with the TV turned on and burning energy.

3. Dim. The lower the contrast and brightness of your TV screen, the less energy the device uses. Factory-set levels are usually higher than necessary.

4. Listen. Lowering the volume by as little as 2 percent saves some energy, even if you only do it during commercials.

5. Leave. Instead of watching shows on TV, view them on a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.