Simple appliance repairs can be big job

            It’s tempting to do maintenance and simple repairs on large appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine. Beyond the safety risk that comes with touching electrical components, however, are some practical red flags.

  1. Electrical replacement parts often have to be ordered from the manufacturer and are non-refundable. If you misdiagnose a problem or order the part in the wrong size, you could be wasting your money.
  2. Washing machines and refrigerators are heavy. Trying to lift or move them so you can get access to the back or bottom of the appliance can be back-breaking work—literally if the DIYer doesn’t do it properly.
  3. Some appliance manufacturers will not honor a warranty if an appliance repair isn’t performed by a qualified professional.
  4. If a licensed electrical inspector does not examine the repair, an insurance company could claim that the homeowner was negligent.
  5. Once a DIYer gets the appliance torn apart and realizes he or she cannot diagnose or fix the problem, the machine will be out of commission until a pro can come and put it back together. How long can your family go without its clothes dryer or dishwasher?