Steer clear of power lines during spring chores

You teach your kids to stay far away from power lines while they’re playing outdoors in the spring and summer. Heed that advice when you’re working in the yard or roof.

Contact with a live wire can damage your equipment. Worse, if you happen to be touching the equipment when it touches the wire, you could get electrocuted.

Here are a few springtime safety tips:

  • Don’t move a ladder or any tall equipment within 15 feet of any power line. A ladder that tips over should easily clear the wire.
  • For safety’s sake, assume every wire is live. Do not assume the wire is a telephone or cable line. Call your electric cooperative to make absolutely sure.
  • Never touch a branch if it is touching a wire. Report the situation o your electric cooperative and keep everyone away from it until help arrives.
  • Don’t work outdoors in the rain. You could slip and fall, causing your ladder or equipment—or yourself—to topple onto a power line.