Treat Mom to a chore-free day

                Flowers and a beautiful Mother’s Day card are sure to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day. But a clean house without the work? That says “love.”

                Give mom a break from the chores on her special day. Here are a few ideas that could take the place of a traditional gift.

  • Clean the house from top to bottom, and don’t bypass the hard chores, like vacuuming the drapes and dusting under beds.
  • Can’t bring yourself to pick up a mop? Hire a one-time deep-clean from a maid service. Take Mom out to lunch during the visit so she’ll return home to the surprise of a spotless house.
  • Pay in advance for a quarterly cleaning from a service and make up a fancy gift card letting Mom know it’s coming.
  • As much as people joke that an appliance is a bad gift for Mom, consider wrapping up a powerful stick vacuum cleaner. Stick vacs are great for daily spot cleaning and touch-ups. They’re super-lightweight and cordless. They’re not cheap, but they’re handy and make easy work out of sweeping up pet hair and dry spills.