Turn out lights without making a move

One of the simplest ways to save energy around your home is to turn off the lights when you leave your room—just like your mother told you.

If only your children would do it!

The solution that will save you from sounding like a broken record every time you remind the kids to turn the lights out? Install motion-activated light switches, and you’ll never have to tell them again.

Using a tiny motion sensor, the switches detect when someone enters a room, and they flip the lights on. When motion stops, they switch the lights off.

The switches are easy to install on your own by removing your existing switch and face plate and disconnecting the wires. Reconnect the wires to the motion-activated switch, screw it back into the wall, and reattach the face plate.

Of course, you should shut the electricity off at the breaker before installing the switch.

These switches range from inexpensive to fancy, depending on their features and how far away they detect motion.

For rooms that you use most often during the day, install a motion-sensor switch that also detects daylight. It will switch the light on only when there is motion and the room is too dark.