Use less energy in the kitchen on Thanksgiving

By mid-morning on Thanksgiving Day, your turkey will be in the oven; pies will be baking; casseroles will be heating up and all of the burners on your stove will be covered with pots and pans full of holiday favorites.

That’s a lot of energy to use at one time.

Dial it back a bit so you don’t waste any electricity while you’re preparing your feast. Here are four tips:

  1. Use the oven light to check on your turkey’s progress instead of opening the door to peek at it every now and then. Every time you open the door, the temperature inside drops by at least 25 degrees.
  2. Choose oven-baked side dishes that can cook at the same time as the turkey and at the same temperature. That will cut the time the oven is on and save the cook some time, too.
  3. Trade your metal baking dishes for glass and ceramic pans. Because those materials retain heat better than metal, you can reduce the oven temperature by as much as 25 degrees without sacrificing perfection. In fact, glass and ceramic pans continue to cook the food even after you take it out of the oven.
  4. Place lids on all stovetop pots. If they fit tightly, lids will keep heat in, so you can lower the temperature. Plus, your food will cook faster.
  5. Turn down the thermostat. If the oven and stove are on all day, your kitchen will be hot and the rest of the house will feel warmer than usual. So dial back the heat—substantially. You and your dinner guests will be more comfortable and you won’t waste energy.