Use portable cooking appliances to save energy

Small cooking appliances like microwave ovens and electric frying pans use less energy than the oven and can be a smart choice when you’re cooking for just one or two.

Here are some ways to save energy while fixing dinner:

  • Use the microwave rather than the conventional oven whenever you can. Microwaves use half as much energy as the oven and cook food faster.
  • Preparing a small meal? Cook it in a portable appliance like an electric frying pan, grill or toaster oven. These small appliances eat up about two-thirds less electricity than an oven’s broiler.
  • It’s not too early to fire up the backyard grill and cook outdoors as the weather starts to warm up.
  • If you want to use a conventional oven, fill it up before turning it on. If the ideal temperature for various dishes varies by only 25 degrees in either direction, all of them can still cook properly at the same time.
  • Skip the preheating, especially when broiling or roasting.
  • Avoid opening the door while your food is cooking.
  • Wipe up minor oven spills with a damp cloth and use the oven’s self-cleaning cycle only for major messes. And when you need the self-cleaner, run it right after you prepare a meal when the oven is already hot.