Holiday tips come in extra-handy during tough times

Maybe you put the housekeeper who used to help you clean up every week or once a month on permanent vacation. You’ve probably been skipping your regular haircuts and have started doing your own pedicures. And you haven’t been to the gym—or seen your trainer—in months.

You’re not the only one.

The people who used to take such good care of you probably miss you more than you miss them—and that’s a lot—but for a different reason. Because you’re not paying for appointments or offering tips, they’re struggling from the loss of income.

This holiday season, don’t just remember the people who are taking care of you and your family now. Remember the ones who used to, and show them your gratitude for their years of service by tucking a generous tip into a Christmas card. Or send a gift card for a local business to help your caretakers with their holiday shopping. Drop off a big turkey before Thanksgiving or leave a stocking stuffed with gift cards on the front porch of someone you used to count on to help you keep your home and your appearance in order.

            These people are your neighbors and have become your friends over the years. Even if you’re struggling during these tough times, too, let them know that you haven’t forgotten about them.

            And take care of those who are doing double-duty these days to deliver the extra packages you’ve been ordering since you’ve stopped shopping in stores as often. Offer a small holiday bonus to delivery drivers.

And even though you might be working at home instead of in the office the administrative staff you rely on—and who typically get a big thank-you tip from the staff at the holidays—are still working on your behalf. Don’t let out of sight, out of mind stop you from showing your appreciation for their virtual help.