Two-prong outlets aren’t always safe

            The new appliances you have purchased over the past decade or so probably came with three-prong plugs. But if you live in an old house, the wall outlets might have only two holes to accept the prongs. Read More


Springtime electrical checklist

            It’s almost time to throw open the windows and welcome warm spring weather. It’s also time to invest in a few springtime upgrades that will keep your house more comfortable and help you do your part to use energy wisely. Read More


Spring storms can bring down power lines

            It’s not every day that a power line in your neighborhood falls to the ground. So most of us have very little experience when it comes to dealing with one when it does. Read More


Support local farmers

You and the farmers in your community each has something the other one needs during this pandemic. Families are cooking at home more often, so they need fresh produce and meat. And farmers—and anyone who is trying to stay in business while everyone is limiting trips to the store—need your support to keep their heads above water. Read More


Let the sunshine in

            One of the easiest ways to warm up your home during the late winter and early spring: Open the window drapes. Read More