Save energy while observing March ‘holidays’

            Nearly every day of March is a day to celebrate, according to the people who make lists of fun monthly observances. Here are some for March that go hand-in-hand with energy savings.

            March 1: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Serve up a plateful of PB&J sandwiches for dinner instead of firing up the oven or cooktop. And hunt for a recipe for a no-bake peanut butter pie for dessert. Once your family tastes that slice of heaven, you may never bake again.

            March 5: World Book Day. Unplug for a day from your smartphone, TV, laptop, tablet and computer—and curl up on the sofa with a good book. When’s the last time you did that?

            March 6: National Day of Unplugging. Stay unplugged for an extra day, and observe how much you get done and how much more quality time you spend with family.

            March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. You might have to skip the Irish pub this year, but that’s not an excuse to skip the celebration. Whip up a raw green salad for the family, choc-full of spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli florets and an array of your favorite colorful veggies. You’ll save the energy you would have spent on cooking and have a fun and healthy meal.

            March 19: National Poultry Day. The first day of spring is just one day away, so it’s not too early to fire up the backyard barbeque grill. Throw some chicken and veggies on the grill and give the oven and cooktop a rest.

            March 20: First Day of Spring. Time to call a licensed HVAC service tech to take a look at your air conditioning unit. Before you know it, hot weather will be here and you’ll be ready to cool the house off.