Say ‘thanks’ to Mom with electronics that make life easier

This Mother’s Day, skip the flowers and candy. Instead, give Mom a gift that will make her life a little easier. Here are 10 ideas:

  1. An emergency phone charger. This handy gadget is pre-charged and small enough to slip into a pocket or wallet for use if Mom’s phone dies where there’s no place to plug in.
  2. A rechargeable mini-light to clip in her purse. A motion-activated model will light up every time Mom opens her handbag or backpack to search for keys, lipstick or receipts.
  3. A robotic vacuum cleaner. Moms generally are not thrilled to receive appliances as gifts on special occasions, but this one might change her mind. Wireless, rechargeable robot vacuums sweep the floors on their own so Mom doesn’t have to lift a finger.
  4. A fitness watch or wristband tracker. For anyone who’s counting steps and wants to monitor heartrate and other health levels, a tracker that doubles as a watch—or straps onto the wrist like one—is a great convenience.
  5. A keyboard for her iPad. If Mom works on the go, she probably has an iPad. Get her a keyboard and carrying case so she can convert it to a mini computer screen whenever she wants to.
  6. A digital assistant. There are so many to choose from. These gadgets respond to voice commands and can look up answers to questions, turn on music and lights, and perform myriad other tasks while Mom’s hands are busy with other chores.
  7. A phone mount for her car. Help Mom stay safe on the road with a mount that nestles into a cup holder or clips onto the dashboard’s a/c vent.
  8. A smart scale. These Bluetooth devices reveal more than weight. Mom can keep track of health metrics like BMI and hydration, and monitor her fitness goals.
  9. A phone charger that disinfects. At a time when it’s a good idea to sanitize just about everything, a charger that zaps bacteria in just a few minutes can save time and worry.

  10.  A Bluetooth-powered key finder. Mom can attach it to any item that she can’t seem to keep track of and then use her phone to find it.