Support local businesses during pandemic

            As restrictions on retailers and restaurants ease up a bit, make an effort to patronize local businesses so they’ll have a shot at a full recovery.

            Here are four ways to support neighborhood tradespeople, according to MarketWatch.

            1. Order take-out or delivery. If you’re not ready to take a seat in or outside of your favorite restaurant, buy food and take it home as often as you can afford it.

            2. Buy gift cards. That’s an immediate sale for a local business, which sorely needs the cash. But don’t spend the gift card now. Save it until the store or café is back on its financial feet. In the meantime, keep spending cash there.

            3. Buy online—but locally. If you want to shop online, shop at local stores that are taking online orders.

            4. Tip everyone. Tip waiters, delivery drivers and baristas—even if you don’t usually tip. They’re probably working fewer hours than normal and serving fewer customers, so they’re collecting less tip money.