Save some energy on Thanksgiving

It can take days for a frozen-solid Thanksgiving turkey to thaw out in the refrigerator--about 24 hours for each five pounds--and believe it or not, that forces the fridge to work harder than usual. Read More


Use Space Heaters Safely

As the weather gets a little bit chillier--but perhaps not cold enough to run the central heat--space heaters in the rooms you use most might be all you need. Read More


Keep CFLs From Burning Out Too Soon

It’s not cheap to switch your energy-efficient incandescent light bulbs to long-burning, compact fluorescent lamps, but you’ll save money in the long run by replacing the bulbs less often and by using less electricity to burn them. Read More


Can Hot Weather Cause Electrical Outages?

When it’s sweltering outside, everyone wants to keep cool indoors—so they all crank the air conditioning up at the same time. That creates a greater demand for electricity than when the weather is milder and homeowners can open their windows or leave the a/c on a less-intense setting. Read More


Beware Of Springtime Predators

Spring weather has a way of attracting pests-like unscrupulous home-improvement contractors who can't wait to "help" you tune up your air conditioner, patch your roof or repave your driveway. Read More


Don't Fall For "Energy-Savings" Scams

You can cut your heating bill without investing a dime in equipment or materials.  Lots of companies are advertising expensive home improvements that they claim will save you huge sums on your electric bill.  But if you read the fine print, you'll often learn that one product on its own rarely has such power, and that most of them take years--even decades--to deliver the promised savings. Read More


What Is A Lumen?

A lumen is a way to measure how brightly a light bulb burns.  Like buying milk by the gallon and bananas by the pound, we'll soon be buying light by the lumen. Read More