Two-prong outlets aren’t always safe

            The new appliances you have purchased over the past decade or so probably came with three-prong plugs. But if you live in an old house, the wall outlets might have only two holes to accept the prongs.

That might mean you have three-prong adapters all over your house. The adapters have three holes so you can plug your newer appliances into them. On the other side they have two prongs so they will fit into your older wall outlets.

            That’s convenient, but it’s not necessarily safe.

            Consider hiring a licensed electrician to replace your two-prong outlets with upgraded, three-prong versions.

            When you buy the replacement receptacles, choose models that include a ground-fault circuit interrupter. This will serve as a sort of “imitation” ground and can greatly eliminate the chance of an electric shock.

It’s a good idea to use GFCI receptacles wherever you replace two-prong outlets in your house, but it’s especially important in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and garage, where you use water and electricity in the same room.