Repair or replace? Consider appliance age, repair cost

      When an older appliance is on the fritz, it usually makes sense to replace it rather than to sink money into repair after repair. But when an appliance breaks down before its expected life span has passed, a repair could be the better option. Read More


It’s not too late for heater inspection

            So you’re home most of time—working, teaching your kids and taking care of a house that’s always full. And you were too reluctant to let a service tech into your home this fall to check your heating system. Read More


Celebrate holidays with health, safety in mind

            It’s tough to think about all the parties, family gatherings, church services and shopping mall trips you might have to skip this holiday season as you and your family keep yourselves safe and socially distant. Read More


Add energy efficiency to your Thanksgiving menu

It takes a lot of energy to cook all day and to host a house full of company for Thanksgiving. So while you’re making your grocery list this holiday season, start a list of ways you and your family can cut down on energy use. Read More


Holiday tips come in extra-handy during tough times

Maybe you put the housekeeper who used to help you clean up every week or once a month on permanent vacation. You’ve probably been skipping your regular haircuts and have started doing your own pedicures. And you haven’t been to the gym—or seen your trainer—in months. Read More


Space heaters need attention

If you’re trying to save a little money by heating your most-used rooms rather you’re your whole house this fall, a space heater can do the trick. Read More