5 warning signs that signal an electrical malfunction

            1. Flickering lights. If an electrical circuit in your house is overloaded, it could cause the lights to dim or flicker. This usually happens when you have too many energy-intensive appliances or fixtures wired to the same circuit. For example, your lights might flicker when your washing machine is running—if the two are on the same circuit. The solution: Ask a licensed electrician to move the lights to a different circuit or installed a dedicated line for the washing machine. Read More


Giving balloons instead of candy?

            So you’re tired of bringing candy and flowers to your Valentine every year and you’ve decided to order a big bunch of heart-shaped, helium balloons in metallic red. Read More


Save money—in the attic

            One of the easiest and most effective ways to save energy in your home is to add insulation to your attic. Read More