Empty freezer? Unplug it

If your extra freezer sits empty most of the winter, it’s using more energy than it does during the summer when it’s full of ice cream.  Read More


Skip the open fire

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace but don’t want the mess or risk that come with open-flame units, it could be time to buy an electric version.  Read More


Consider going all-electric

            Whether you’re choosing your energy supply for a new home or looking to consolidate the energy sources in your existing home, consider these advantages to an all-electric house: Read More


Space heaters: Play it safe

Space heaters can work wonders on the coldest winter days to warm rooms that your central heating system doesn’t keep comfortable. But while manufacturers have worked to build more safety features into this alternative heating source, users still should take precautions to ensure these cozy heaters don’t become fire hazards.  Read More