Plug your home’s air leaks

It’s almost air-conditioning season, so it’s time to find out where comfortably air can escape from your home and outdoor air can sneak in. Read More


May is National Electrical Safety Month

            Families should practice electrical safety all year round. Because May is National Electrical Safety Month, however, it’s a good time to pay special attention to cleaning up electrical hazards around the home. Read More


Remodeling? Keep energy efficiency in mind

            Spring is prime season for remodeling, upgrading and repairing your home. If you’re planning a remodeling project this season, make a point of adding energy-efficient features along the way.  Read More


Start warm-weather savings on first nice day

The weather outside can be as frightful in March as in January some days, but the early spring usually sneaks in a few warm-weather days here and there. Take advantage of them.
Early spring features plenty of days when you can turn off your furnace and treat your home—and its occupants—to a taste of the pleasant weather to come. Here’s how to take advantage of early glimpses of spring—and save some household energy while you’re at it:
• Open the windows. If it’s warm enough to let some fresh air in during this in-between season of no heaters and no air conditioners, do it. Leave the windows open overnight to air out the house and stave off the need for the a/c.
• Let the sunshine in. Open the drapes on sunny days and let nature keep your home warm. As it starts getting hot, though, cover windows up so incoming sunrays won’t compete with the a/c.
• Cook outdoors. Dust off the grill and start cookout season early this year.
• Switch the direction of the blades on your ceiling fan. For warm weather, the blades should rotate counterclockwise.
• Readjust your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees if you cranked it up a few degrees for the winter.
• Schedule your home’s a/c maintenance now, before you need to turn on the air conditioning for the summer. Read More