What to do if the power cuts out

The house goes dark, and everything inside is silent. No fans whirring, microwaves beeping or TVs broadcasting the daily news. Your power has just gone out, perhaps because of the raging storm outside. Read More


5 ways to save serious energy at home

1. Need a new refrigerator? You could save $100 a year on your energy bill by replacing an older model with a new, Energy Star-qualified appliance. You could save $200 a year if your old refrigerator is from the1970s, Energy Star says. Read More


Use less water, heat less water

            The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating water for use in your home  accounts for 12 to 18 percent of your energy bill. Here’s how to lower that number: Read More


What’s that smell?

            The next time you think you smell a dead mouse in the house but can’t find one, check your electrical outlets. Read More


Enjoy the hot weather while it lasts

            With summer at its hottest, it’s tempting to hide inside to escape the heat. Instead of cooping yourself up indoors with the TV and your computer, how about taking advantage of the last month of vacation season with some fun in the sun? Read More