Outdoor Safety

Outdoor Safety for Children

  • Teach children to never play around pad-mounted transformers, solar panels, wind turbines, or electrical substations. If a ball or other toy goes over a substation fence, call your utility for help.
  • Never climb trees near power lines. A tree may be inviting climbers, but trees near power lines could be conductors of electricity if branches are touching the wires. Even if branches are not touching power lines, they could if weight from a child is added.
  • Open areas are great places to fly kites and model airplanes, but do not fly them near overhead power lines or electrical substations. A kite string can conduct electricity from an overhead power line to the person on the ground.
  • Storm fronts can move rapidly, and lightning is a potential danger 10 miles in advance of a storm.  Make sure that your children know “If thunder roars, go indoors” and not to seek shelter under a tree or open picnic shelter.
  • Ensure your children are protected from the electrical service connection to your home. Keep ladders or long poles stowed and away from youngsters who might be tempted to use them to reach the wires connected to your house. If you have added a room addition or deck, make sure the service connection remains well out of reach. Contact your local utility if you are unsure the distance is safe.
  • If electric wires in your neighborhood have sagged for some reason or a tree limb has pushed the line out of place, keep your neighborhood safe by alerting your electric utility.

Information Source: SafeElectricity.org

Call Before You Dig

When digging for any reason it is important to first call the Diggers Hotline to make sure you are digging in a safe place. Doing this will prevent damage to any buried utilities such as water, electric, natural gas, phone or cable tv lines. Check out the Diggers Hotline of Nebraska Website or call 1-800-331-5666 or 811 before you dig.

Below is a video to help educate you on the importance of calling 811 before you dig. 

Tree Planting

When planting trees call Nebraska Diggers Hotline first but also take into consideration these hazards before planting your tree:

  • Consider mature height of trees. Never plant a tree near a power line that could grow within 25 feet of it. Tall growing trees should be planted a minimum of 20 feet away from power lines and 50 feet away to avoid future pruning. A mature height of less than 15 feet is recommended for trees planted near power lines.
  • Do not plant near underground utility servies. Tree roots can grow to interfere with underground pipes, cables and wires. Future repairs to these facilities also could damage the health and beauty of nearby plants and trees, or even require removal.