Energy Smart

This is your one-stop shop for all things energy related. Here you will find the latest information on energy efficiency topics, including our EnergyWise programs for rebates towards energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Suite Resources

Home Energy Suite

This reliable information resource answers questions regarding your home's energy use. These easy to use online tools provide energy and bill analysis, interactive energy education for kids and an extensive energy library.

EnergyWise Rebate Information

Commercial HVAC

HVAC systems are the primary energy consumers in commercial buildings. Improving the performance of your HVAC system not only saves energy, but can have a positive impact on your building occupants' health, comfort, and productivity as well.

Cooling System Tune-Up

Typically tune-ups on cooling systems that have been neglected for a few years can provide 5-15% energy savings, or more. Not to mention the unit can better perform from a comfort and equipment longevity stand point.

Custom Irrigation Efficiency

Some irrigation systems are inefficient which adds to costs. While energy prices and rainfall are beyond anyone's control, irrigation operating costs can be managed better by investing in energy efficient technologies and practices.

Filter Easy

SWPPD has partnered with FilterEasy so you can automatically receive air filter deliveries right to your door when they need to be changed.  Never forget to change your home air filters again! 

Heat Pump Water Heater

For decades, electric water heaters were simply insulated tanks with a couple of electric resistance elements that heated the water. Consider replacing your aging electric water heater before it fails, and start enjoying the savings right away.

High Efficiency Heat Pump

Your heating and cooling system is likely the largest user of energy in your home. Having your contractor complete a performance verification test will ensure your heat pump is performing at or near its rated capacity.

HVAC System Optimization

Your building's HVAC system could be costing you big dollars due to inefficient operation. In fact, HVAC systems can account for about half of the energy used in your building. By optimizing your building's HVAC system, you may save 10-20% or more of your building's energy cost.

Irrigation Outlet Replacement

Replacing the outlet components on your all electric irrigation system might be worth considering to improve efficiency. Doing so could not only reduce your energy consumption, but you may also be eligible for a rebate incentive.

Prescriptive Lighting

On average, interior lighting accounts for 28% of a business's energy consumption. They also are a contributing factor to a facility's productivity, employee morale, and safety. Lighting technologies developed in the past ten years can help cut your lighting costs 30-60% while enhancing lighting quality and reducing environmental impacts.

Residential Attic Insulation

Attics are places where it can really pay to have the right amount of insulation. Making sure your home's insulation level is adequate keeps heated and cooled air where it should be: inside your home, and the outside air temperature stays where it should be: outside!

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat technology is most beneficial for households that have extended periods during the day when no one is home, those that turn their thermostat down during bedtime hours or those that have irregular occupancy through the week, month or year.