Electrical safety information can be found here including tips on severe weather preparation as well as how to make your home electrical safe. Call SWPPD if you have any questions about electrical safety in and around your home, on the farm, or during a storm. Another source for great information on electrical safety would be to visit

Farm Safety

Irrigation electrical hazards are a growing problem in many regions of the country. it is vital that farmers know, follow, and share proper safety precautions to avoid potentially deadly electrical accidents when operating, handling, and working around farm equipment.

Heat Pump Water Heater

For decades, electric water heaters were simply insulated tanks with a couple of electric resistance elements that heated the water. Consider replacing your aging electric water heater before it fails, and start enjoying the savings right away.

Indoor Safety

Your home’s electrical system is one of its most crucial elements and can be one of its biggest hazards if it isn’t in proper working order. Even if you do everything possible to prevent an electrical fire, you should still have a plan if a fire does
happen. Have smoke alarms, and be sure their batteries work. Know two ways to exit your home, and designate a meeting place for your family. Make your home a safe place to be.

Outdoor Safety

Electricity outdoors can be a hazard if safety precautions are not taken. Here you can find information about digging as well as safety tips for children when playing outside.

Storm Safety

Before and after a storm there are safety precautions you should take. It is important to take the time to educate yourself on how to prepare for storm safety.